Yes, we have several ISA Certified Arborists. We are also Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, Oak Wilt Assessment Qualified, and trained in Wildfire Mitigation.

Oak Wilt can be confirmed by growing the fungus in the lab. Samples from trees suspected of having the disease are harvested and sent to the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in College Station, TX.

Yes, many factors are considered when planning the best treatment for Oak Wilt on your property. One of our Oak Wilt Specialists will be better able to explain your options after a proper assessment.

Tree trimming is best done when temperatures begin to drop in autumn, or just before buds begin to form in the spring. It’s ok to remove dead or broken limbs and branches any time throughout the year especially if they are a hazard.

Rest assured, we are fully licensed and insured.

There are many signs that a tree needs help.
If you see fungi or mushrooms growing from your tree, that’s a good sign you need help.

Do you see loose or peeling bark? That’s a sign.

Any dark soft spots in your tree trunk? There could be a problem there.

Do your branches seem to lean to one side? Are leaves spotted or discolored? Are there hanging branches in the canopy? If so, you should call us for a free assessment.

Stump grinding is a simple, effective way to eliminate stumps from trees that have been removed or that have fallen over. The machine rolls up to the stump and then grinds it into little pieces so it no longer sprouts new growth.

Urban Tree Company will either mulch the waste from your tree on-site or haul it off to our recycling facility where it will be recycled into mulch, compost, or soil. When large parts of the tree are salvageable we send them to our sawmill to be milled. Slabs are then used in our woodshop to where craftspeople make home goods and furnishings out of them.

Not necessarily. We are able to give virtual or phone estimates when necessary.