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Emergency Tree Service In San Antonio

Tree emergencies are serious matters. With most large trees weighing thousands of pounds and several dozen feet high, trees can quickly become wrecking balls that could put you, your home, and your family at risk. However, when you have a dead, dying, or damaged tree that needs to be removed immediately, we can help. While it may be tempting to try and remove trees on your own in an emergency, this is never a good idea. Taking apart a fallen tree, especially a large one, could result in injury or more property damage. Urban Tree Company is your most trusted partner for rapid response tree removal services. We have years of experience in the field, providing our clients with high-quality tree services. We understand how stressful and irritating a fallen tree can be, significantly if it damages your property. That’s why our tree removal services run every day of the year. Our certified and experienced team performs emergency tree removal professionally and efficiently. Whether you’re dealing with a fallen, damaged, or dying tree, we can remove it as quickly as possible. We will quickly mobilize a crew of tree care experts, assess the situation, clear the damaged trees, and begin the process of cleaning up your property. We can also evaluate all remaining trees to evaluate whether or not an intervention is required to prevent future emergency tree removal. We can help and will be right over to assess your loss and give you a free estimate. In addition, for emergencies, we adjust our schedule to do your work right away. Emergency tree work is a specialized service and one that Urban Tree Company is highly skilled in. We are licensed, bonded, and insured as your trust tree service professionals.

Call Urban Tree Company for Emergency Tree Removal

We know how important an emergency service is when you are in need. Therefore, we offer 24-hour emergency tree services. Call (210) 796-4816. We will arrive to assess the damage and start working as soon as possible.