Commercial Tree Service

Commercial Tree Service in San Antonio

Here at Urban Tree Company, we offer a wide variety of commercial tree services including demolition, removal, excavation , site prep, brunch removal and more. We offer large scale tree services & ISA Certified Arborist foremen available for the duration of your project. Bonded, licensed and insured.

Our background in arboriculture and horticulture means you’ll get the best information regarding your trees and advice for planting the best plants for your soil. We create custom soils matched to the needs of your trees and landscaping projects. Our unique approach to tree and soil services means you’ll be happy you called us.

We recycle all the tree and brush waste from all our projects and turn it into mulches and composts. This reduces landfill deposits and pollution from burns. It doesn’t only make excellent and nutrient-rich products for garden and landscape projects, it helps keep Texas beautiful.

We are set up to perform both residential and commercial tree work. Homeowners can rest assured that we’re licensed and bonded for residential projects. For large scale projects, we’re SSIP & CSIPP accredited, we adhere to all employee badging practices and have ISA Certified Arborist foremen available for the entire duration of your project. But whether the job is big or small, we always work to the highest standards so all our clients are happy with the final result.

What sets us apart is the rounded background, years of experience and commitment to sustainability we bring to every project. Our horticulture experts and ISA Certified Arborists see to it that every job is done right. 

When put together, this guarantees our clients the best in project outcome from start to finish. 


We’ll look over your project and give you an honest assessment of what you need to achieve your goals. We’ll let you know what should be done now, what can wait and offer other suggestions if necessary. Call us today at (210) 779-7889 to schedule your free estimate.