Our Story

We started the “Tree Service = Wood Shop = Furniture = Firewood & Mulch” business model in Moab, Utah in 2010. We created a Zero Waste tree service utilizing every part of tree waste in our operations. From tables to spoons to firewood for the boiler heating the shop, we minimized our waste and actually only used one trash can.

After starting our family, we moved back to Texas and began the same concept. This time we used much of the mulch we produced in compost and soil mixes we manufactured in house. Everything else is milled and turned into home goods, furniture, and firewood. We work in San Antonio where all our products are made in the shop by local artisans and we are able to employ a 4 crew tree service team whose goal is to save trees, promote tree health, and longevity. We love trees and do what we can to save them by using the by-products to their fullest potential.

Scott & Jenni