Did you know: 46 million tons of viable wood from urban trees are dumped into landfills each year?

Apr 4, 2023 | YouTube

It’s a staggering amount of waste that could be repurposed into something useful. That’s why Urban Tree Company is on a mission to salvage urban wood and keep it out of landfills by repurposing all parts of downed trees.

With our commitment to sustainability, we turn salvaged Texas trees into mulch, firewood, and even furniture. Join us in our effort to create a greener future by supporting our products made with salvaged wood.

#GlobalRecyclingDay. 🌎 What can you do to repair, reuse and repurpose materials in your home and keep them out landfills? Check out our online shop to see all the ways we turn wood waste into useable goods.https://urbantreecompany.shop/

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