Jun 26, 2023 | YouTube

🌳 🚫 BE AWARE of these things when working in your yard this summer to AVOID HARMING your trees.

🌿 WEED WHACKING: When using a weed whacker around trees, exercise caution to avoid damaging them. Thin-barked trees are particularly vulnerable to harm, as the outer cambium layer can be compromised, leading to girdling and eventual tree death.

🌋 AVOID MULCH VOLCANOES: Mulching is beneficial for trees, but it’s crucial to avoid excessive buildup at the base. Creating “mulch volcanoes” by piling mulch against the trunk or on the sides of trees can promote rot, disease, and even attract ant nests.

🌱 WEED & FEED WISELY: Before applying any grass products, make sure they won’t harm your trees. Some herbicides can pose a threat to trees. Additionally, remember that the nutrient requirements for grass differ from those of trees, especially nitrogen.

🌳 CONSIDER A DEEP ROOT TREATMENT: At Urban Tree Company, our experienced arborists have developed a specialized deep root treatment for the current conditions. This treatment aids in frost recovery and prepares your trees for the upcoming hot and dry months. By proactively caring for your trees, you can ensure their long-term health and resilience. Don’t wait until it’s too late – invest in the well-being of your trees now.

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