Tree struck by lighting was dying until we came in!

Jul 29, 2022 | YouTube

There is nothing we love more than seeing a failing tree come back to life! 🌳 Check out how this Red Oak that was struck by lightning ⚑️ and developed a disease has been rehabilitated in today’s Ask An Arborist! 😁 We love a good success story! βœ…

🌳 Do you have an ailing tree? Below are some sings and symptoms to watch out for. Our ISA-certified Arborist can diagnose and treat your trees to help them thrive. Estimates are always free! Give us a shout at 210-440-1049 or

⚑️This Red Oak developed Hypoxylon canker disease after being struck by lighting. It appears as a dead lesion on limbs, branches, and trunks of affected trees. The canker develops just under the bark and in advanced stages, causes a white rot decay of the sapwood. This decay contributes to tree mortality, compromises the structural integrity of the tree, and makes it a danger to life and property.

Trees stressed by environmental extremes and in danger of succumbing to Hypoxylon canker manifest symptoms typical of a declining tree.
πŸ‚ Yellow, brown leaves
πŸ‚ Small leaves and reduced twig growth and thinning canopy
πŸ‚ Dead limbs and branches
πŸ‚ Epicormic shoots (water sprouts) growing on trunks and large limbs
πŸ‚ Dieback of feeder roots
πŸ‚ White and stringy sapwood in the cankered area

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