What makes all the hours working with salvaged wood worth it?

Jun 27, 2023 | YouTube

“I knew instantly what I wanted on our small kitchen remodel…the most bang for our buck, which meant asking Jenni and Scott to fabricate countertops to look like a bowl I purchased from #UrbanTreeCompany a year prior. After a quick laugh, they realized I was serious and the mastery began. Jenni and her master craftsman met with me and designed and measured and said ‘see you in six months.’

Personally, I think Jenni may have been surprised at the drastic change the counters made after installation. It’s the only thing we changed in the kitchen other than some paint and they are remarkable! Truly handcrafted art and function. My favorite thing to show off to guests.” – Laura Acock

We love hearing from happy clients! 🤩 Thank you, Laura!